Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chronic Sinus Headaches, Or Could It Be Something Else?

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Many people believe they suffer from chronic sinus headaches because they frequently suffer from sever pain around their sinus areas in their face and head. It is possible to have chronic sinus headaches however the condition is rare and can only be diagnosed by a doctor.

A chronic sinus headache would not be as painful as the more common acute sinus headache which occurs during a sinus infection. When sinuses are clogged bacteria can grow in the nasal passages creating an infection of the nasal passages commonly known as a sinus infection.

The headache associated with a sinus infection is quite severe and common treatments such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen will not help the pain. Chronic sinus headaches and acute sinus headaches will often require antibiotics to kill the infection as well as medications to alleviate the sinus pain.

Migraine Headaches

Many self-diagnosed chronic sinus headache suffers could actually be suffering from migraine headaches, the pain occurs in much the same places in the face and head. However, the cause of migraine headaches are varied and rarely are related to an illness.

Some people who believe they suffer from chronic sinus headaches believe the change in weather or pollution such as chemical smells or smoke are the cause of their sinus headache. In fact, these are triggers of migraine headaches.

If an allergy does exist it would not cause a sinus headache, because with allergies such as pollen, dander, or dust which cause nasal drainage. The fact that there is drainage omits the possibility of chronic sinus headache occurrences.

Moreover, many people take over the counter medications for sinus headaches such as sinus relief medicines, allergy medicines, or other pain relieving medication. However, these medications often will have no effect on the headache.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are also often thought to be pain masquerading as chronic sinus headaches. Tension headaches can cause pain in the temples and across the forehead. Because of this many people do mistake tension headaches for chronic sinus headaches.

Many tension headaches are accompanied by pain in the neck and shoulders. Sometimes the pain is right at the base of the head. Because there are also glands here, this can confuse many people into believing that they are suffering from chronic sinus headaches instead of tension headaches.

A doctor can perform tests to determine if a person has chronic sinus headaches. If someone believes they have chronic sinus headaches they should immediately contact a physician as medial treatment is necessary to relieve the pain and kill the infection.

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