Monday, October 13, 2008

Sinus Infection Treatment. Your Home Remedy For Sinus Infection.

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Have you ever laid in bed feeling like someone stuck an ice pick over or under your eye and you just couldn?t get rid of the pain for days?? Or maybe you're "sniffing" every minute? That is sinus. Is there anything much worse than your sinus pain?

Sinus infections affect millions of Americans every year. Stop the pain and suffering from sinusitis with Silver Sinus!

In 1999, The Mayo Clinic released its findings that fungus is likely the cause of nearly all cases of chronic sinusitis or chronic sinus infection. Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses. Most cases of sinusitis are caused by viruses. Other causes include:Allergies, exposure to smoke, dust or other irritants in the home, school or workplace and-bacterial infection

How can you treat sinus?

1) Antibiotics:These only help sinusitis when it is caused by a bacterial infection. Because sinusitis is usually caused by a virus, antibiotics won?t help most cases of sinusitis. Taking antibiotics won?t prevent a stuffy nose from turning into a bacterial sinus infection. In fact, taking unnecessary antibiotics puts your family at risk for developing resistant infections later.

So what can you do?

Cough and runny nose by themselves are unlikely to be caused by a bacterial sinus infection unless those symptoms have been present for more than 10 days. Antibiotics are rarely required unless the following symptoms are present:

1) Pain or pressure on one side of the face
2) Swelling around the eye area
3) Postnasal drip (may cause dry cough)
4) Toothache in the upper jaw in the absence of dental problems

If symptoms are mild or have lasted less than 10 days:

i) Get lots of rest
ii) Avoid cigarette smoke
iii)Help your sinuses drain by:

a) Drinking plenty of fluids (try to avoid caffeine and alcohol)
b) Breathing steam from a shower or bath
c) Using non-medicated saline nose drops or spray several times a day
d) Elevating the head of your bed
e) Using warm facial packs for three to four times a day for 5 -10 minutes

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