Monday, October 20, 2008

Do Acid Reflux And Sinus Problems Go Together?

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Those suffering from acid reflux might experience a host of other problems that don?t seem to be related to each other, but in reality, they might just be. One common questions a lot of sufferers ask is whether acid reflux and sinus problems are related, and there are times when they are.

Though there is no hard evidence that gives them a definitive link, it does make a lot of sense to say that they can be connected. There are other conditions that are also related to acid reflux that seem to be unrelated, but in fact they often occur due to acid reflux. Most people want to treat each one individually, when in fact, you might only have to treat the reflux to clear up all the ailments.

Heartburn is not that uncommon, and most people will experience it once in a while. This is something that is occasional for some people, and they can usually trace the acid reflux back to a food or an event. You can get flare ups from eating the wrong foods or drinking the wrong beverages. That?s not uncommon, and it can usually be cleared up with something straight from the store shelf. For those who have to deal with acid reflux on a daily basis, however, a prescription medication that is taken daily might be needed. These folks don?t need to eat anything for a flare up, as it just happens.

The most common problem for those who suffer from the chronic form of acid reflux is the burning sensation that occurs when the acid moves from the stomach up into the esophagus. There is a ring of muscles at the top of the stomach that is supposed to stop the acid from leaving the stomach, but this can fail for many reasons. When this happens, the acid can move up as far as the mouth and throat. Not only is this uncomfortable and painful, it can lead to damage. This also leads to a host of other problems, and sinus issues are just one of the problems you might have.

A person with chronic acid leakage can suffer from respiratory problems and also from tooth problems. The acid produced by your stomach will not harm your stomach, as it is made to handle it. Other tissues do not cope with it as well. When this acid hits these other tissues, problems begin right away. The acid can reach the mouth and the sinus cavities. Many who have reflux like this have dental problems, and can see an increase in sinus infections and sore throats.

Though you may not link acid reflux and sinus problems, it might be something that you should consider. You should look back to before you were aware of any problems with acid reflux to see if you remember having a lot of sinus issues.

If you did, your acid reflux and sinus problems might not be related, or the reflux might be making things worse. However, if you don?t remember having too many problems, the reflux might be the root of your problems. You might need a stronger medication, or to start taking one if you haven?t thus far. You might find that treating the reflux more effectively will reduce or eliminate all of your other problems.

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