Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Real Sinus Headache

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Sinusitis is the condition of having one's sinuses inflamed. Sinus inflammation may be a result of but not limited to bacterial or viral infections or allergic reactions.

Symptoms of sinusitis include a sinus headache that may affect several parts of the head including the face, jaws and teeth. During a sinusitis attack, the sinus headache may be localized to one or two pairs of inflamed sinuses but in severe cases, all sinuses are swollen and therefore cause a sinus headache that can be felt in the forehead between the eyebrows, upper jaw and teeth along with tender cheeks and face, the sides of the nose.

In severe rare cases, one may also experience ear aches, neck and top of the head pains as part of the sinusitis headache symptoms. It is important to take note of all the symptoms of sinusitis because a lot of individuals only think that they have sinus headaches when in fact, they are actually suffering from migraines instead.

It is important to note that sinusitis headache is not the only symptom of sinusitis. If it is indeed sinusitis, you will experience inflammation and tenderness of tissues around the eyes resulting in swollen eyelids and red eyes. Aside from this, there can be a loss of smell from a congested nasal passage.

Furthermore, aside from sinus headaches and other symptoms already mentioned here, sinusitis could trigger fever and cough. The cough can sometimes be a result of a post nasal drip from the draining of the sinuses that irritate the upper windpipe which causes it to be sore and encourages us to cough as a result. Sinusitis is also always accompanied by general weakness and tired feeling.

While it is true that up to 97% of individuals who think they suffer from sinusitis headache symptoms are mistaken because they are actually suffering from migraine, it is very important to make the correct distinction between the two.

First, one needs to be properly diagnosed for illness specific medication treatment. It can be quite frustrating to be taking sinus medication to treat sinus headache symptoms when in fact; the headache is cause by a migraine.

With this said, one must never take the sinus headache symptoms for granted and haphazardly assume that it is a migraine. In some rare instances of complications, sinus headache symptoms may be a signal of acute sinusitis, which results in brain infection.It is therefore very important to get the proper diagnosis and treatment whatever the cause of the headache.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finding Sinus Headache Relief -- What you can do

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If you suffer from sinus headaches, then you will absolutely want to take these sinus headache relief tips into serious consideration. These sinus headache relief tips will not only relieve you but might also cancel your appointment with the doctor!

Sinus Headache Relief Tips

The foremost tip for sinus headache relief tip is to use a cold cloth or compress on your head. Dip a small towel in cold water, rinse, and then apply it to your forehead. Once the towel starts to get warm you need to flip it over and place it back on your forehead, then rinse it in cold water again when that side gets warm too. Another great idea is to have a peppermint steam. This option provides incredibly fast relief for sinus headaches. This is because peppermint itself acts as a decongestant. A combination then of warm steam and the essential oil is highly effective in regards to being able to open up and relieve the sinuses. The decongestants are used to reduce inflammation and to relieve sinus symptoms. It should be noted that the nasal sprays promote dependency and rebound congestion, which means that the congestion may worsen the spray is used regularly. The decongestants can even cause constriction of blood vessels and, therefore should not be used without consulting the doctor. There an umpteen option that could relive you from the sinus infection. The need is to identify and adopt a treatment that suits you and relieve your sinus headaches. Always remember that if you are suffering from frequent sinus headaches, there is more than likely something more major that is going on with you, and so the only real treatment is to treat the underlying condition, a doctor should invariably be consulted in such situations.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Efficient Methods Of Managing Sinusitis

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In order to get rid of sinusitis the patient must follow the doctor?s treatment along with applying easy home remedies. When giving a patient a prescription the doctor thinks of medicines which will reduce the pressure in the sinuses by draining the mucus out, by killing the bacteria which produced the infection, and will also consider a treatment which will protect the nasal tissues from any damage.

The drug therapy can least three days or a week depending on what drugs have been used and of the severity of the infection in the sinuses.

The treatment is generally based on anti-biotherapy along with decongestants, analgesics, corticosteroids and mucolytics. Nowadays doctors prescribe antibiotic drugs which are to be inhaled by the patient and so will create a better contact between the antibiotic and the affected sinus, clearing up the infection faster.

The acute sinusitis generally lasts in a person for three weeks and can disappear even without a proper treatment. Sometimes these sinus infections are caused by viruses so they do not need antibiotic treatment. The best treatment for one person is to be decided by the doctor who will know exactly what type of sinusitis that patient has.

At home, the patient can use steam inhalation or warm compresses applied on the face in order to reduce the symptoms and get better faster.

Most people will get from their doctor an antibiotic drug prescription and they must follow the treatment as their doctor told them to and for the recommended period of time otherwise the treatment might be inefficient and not all the infection will be cleared out. Some people might feel nausea or might vomit during the antibiotic treatment. They must talk with their doctor about it and they might get another type of antibiotic which is suitable for their organism.

In those who sinusitis has been present for a long time the period of recovery will be longer than in those who have had sinusitis only for a few days so the might need a longer antibiotic treatment.

The chronic sinusitis is known to be when the symptoms have been present for more than 3 weeks in a person. This form of disease is a lot more difficult to treat than the acute one. The period of anti-biotherapy might last from 3 to 4 weeks and needs to be associated with corticosteroid therapy.

Sometimes the treatment with antibiotic does not give any result and this only happens when the sinus infection is produced by fungus or viruses and not by bacteria. Therefore, antifungal therapy along with corticosteroid or even surgery is needed. Surgery is the last option of treatment but it is necessary when complications like the infection of the facial bones had occurred.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Acupuncture For Migraine And Sinus Headaches

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If you suffer from headaches ? whether they be migraine or sinus headaches ? you might automatically think of popping a pill. But for a more natural remedy -- and one that?s gaining momentum all the time -- think about acupuncture for sinus headache migrains.

The thought of acupuncture makes many people cringe. But the art and craft of acupuncture is gaining popularity among people who don?t want to take pain pills or other drugs, but who are looking for natural, pure remedies.

Simply put, acupuncture is the delicate insertion of very thin needles at various points on the body to relieve pain or promote healing. Relief of sinus, tension and migraine headaches is a common impetus for acupuncture treatment, but it?s used for a variety of other needs, including healing after injury, relief from the pain and discomfort of chemotherapy, and a variety of other ailments and illnesses.

It?s believed that inserting the needles at specific points in the body realigns the body?s electrical fields which helps to relieve pain or promote the healing necessary for recovery from injury or disease.

As for headaches, the use of acupuncture is gaining in popularity thanks both to the acceptance the practice is gaining in traditional circles, and reports that the practice is effective in relieving headache pain.

A recent study showed that the use of acupuncture was effective in relieving the pain of migraine headaches but experts aren?t exactly sure why. They say it?s possible acupuncture has a ?placebo? effect, where the patient believes the treatment will help and so it does, without much medical basis for the benefit or relief.

Others say acupuncture works for migraine and sinus headaches because the acupuncture needles are inserted specifically to re-channel the body?s energy fields and produce a biochemical change in the body?s blood serum.

If you suffer from sinus or migraine headaches, you know that pain relief in the form of a pill can work. But after four or six hours, the pain returns and you return to the medicine cabinet for another ?hit? of the pain-relieving drug. Experts say that the use of acupuncture reduces your dependence on pain-relief drugs, whether they are addictive or not. Over time such drugs can cause liver or kidney damage, or ulcers. If you need medication from your doctor, the drugs can become addictive as well.

If you have long suffered from sinus or migraine headaches you might have turned to the use of steroid injections for relief. But these can very painful (unlike acupuncture, which most users report is painless) and if used for a long period of time can cause life-threatening side effects.

Dr. Beth Paxton is a family physician and educator who specializes in pain management including migraine headaches, tension headaches and natural headache remedies.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sinusitis Relief: Seek Advice Of Ent Specialist

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SINUSITIS. This is one of the very common diseases connected with the nasal passage. This disease is medically known as Rhino sinusitis. In order to cure this malady you are needed to visit an ENT specialist as disease originates from nasal passage.

Sinusitis could be acute one or chronic one. Initially you are suggested sinus medication, however low response to medication often leads to ENT doctor's decision of sinus operation. But sinus operation should be better avoided if medicinal cure seems possible.

Sinus cavities above the nose due to certain infections result in sinusitis. The disease causes severe forehead pain as sinus walls exert pressure due to swelling caused by air and other contents that have made their way into sinus cavity.

Certain viral infections may also pave the way for sinusitis. Usually anti congestant medications are extended to sinusitis patients. If sinus troubles you for around two weeks, it is acute sinus, however if you remain afflicted with sinus for one and a half month it is termed as chronic rhino sinusitis. It could be also treated. But a sinusitis that keeps afflicting a person on a periodic basis needs great care and preferably requires them to undergo a sinus surgery.

You may also resort to non prescription treatment options that also happen to be safe. Usually over the counter nasal sprays are sold to offer you immediate relief from sinusitis pain as it effectively reduces the congestion.

Sinusitis patients could also opt for certain natural remedial options such as taking steam. If you inhale steam, it works in easing out the pressure on sinusitis walls. There could be certain herbs that have won approval of even ENT doctors. You may consume them to curb your sinus problem. For example, Jalapeno pepper

Whatever course of treatment you opt in consultation with your doctor, you should continue with it consistently instead of switching over from one course of treatment to another.

While using decongestant you should be conscious of its medicinal dosage. Over dosage of decongestant may result in side effects.

If you have finally opted for operation, you should undergo operation at a reputed ENT center that extends services of specialized ENT surgeons.

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