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How to Avoid Sinus Infections?

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Sinusitis can be infectious and non-infectious, but most of the time the infection is present. The sinus infections affect every year 37 million Americans.

The treatment is based on antibiotic drugs to kill the bacterium that causes the infection of sinuses to occur but decongestants and oral or topic steroids can help too.

Besides treatment, check-ups to see if the nasal membrane is working properly are necessary.

Sinusitis appears when the nasal membrane gets affected by pollutants, cold or dry air and becomes inflamed. Secondary the cilia will slow down their movements, and mucus will be mass produced in order to eliminate the accumulated bacteria. Because cilia are not working properly the mucus will be trapped in the sinuses and cause a local infection.

Symptoms of sinus infection are: fever, headaches, sore throat, yellowish or green colored mucus and facial pressure, cough; some could even think they have flu.

Some tips for keeping your cilia system intact and for avoiding or recovering more quickly after sinus infections are: drinking hot tea. It does not matter what type of tea you drink, green, black, or herbal, the important thing is to drink hot liquids. If you get hydrated, your cilia movements will improve and the mucus from your sinuses will be washed out, so you will cure faster. Chicken soup is also helpful. Coffee is considered to be less effective than these other liquids.

When traveling you should be careful at the air conditioner because it keeps the air dry and this is not a good think for the sinuses. That is why even when traveling you should have some tea bags with you and ask for hot water to prepare a tea.

Another tip is applying wet bandages on your face. The compresses must be soaked in warm water in order to help the cilia move more efficiently. You must apply them three times a day and keep them for five minutes on your face.

For cleaning their sinuses, yoga practitioners use a saltwater solution. They sniff it in and out of their nose and so they clean the nose cavities. If you are not aware of how this thing is done, you can use a Hydro Pulse Nasal device or a sinus irrigator. These modern devices act gentle on your nose and sinuses and even children can bare its actions.

By following these simple tips, you can increase the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment and avoid recurrences of the sinus infections.

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Most Frequent Questions about Sinus Infections

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Main every day life causes of sinusitis are catching cold, not drinking enough liquids, not resting enough, blowing the nose to hard or annoying the first signs of infection. Untreated small infections can get severe in time and even become permanent in chronic sinusitis. Allergic sinusitis can easily chronicize if not properly deled with. Pregnancy period and menstruation can also cause inflammation of the membranes, but like weather condition, do not trigger alone to the apparition of sinusitis.

Studies have discovered that sinus infections usually evolve with slowed down cill movements; they are thin hairy particles with role in evacuating foreign bodies and mucus into the stomach. Sinus irrigators will clean up pus and mucus stuck in the sinus cavities and eases the moves of the cilia. A Water pick device can help cills return to their normal moves per time unit by irrigating the sinuses with a 20 pulses per second rate. Pulsate irrigation evicts bacteria, viruses and allergens like pollen or dust; this allergens determine the E immunoglobulin to fight against the allergy. The irrigator must be carefully managed as it could spread pus into the ears or throat if the pressure is to high.

Saline nose sprays are helpful as well but do not evacuate pus nor reestablish the movements of the cilia. You should use the irrigator every day if you show symptoms of sinusitis or if danger of catching cold is present.

Antifungal medication or natural seeds and extracts can be added in the saline solution if suspicions of fungal sinusitis exist.

After irrigation don?t think about blowing your nose before 20 minutes since the end of evacuation; the saline solution remains in the sinuses for a while, and is later thrown out and the cills movements are resumes. Also saline sprays are benefic as they moisturize membranes and prevent dry sinuses; daily use can keep your nose and sinuses fit and healthy.

Hot steam improves the circulation but slows down the cills; the danger of pus remaining trapped inside the cavities make is better not to recommend steam for sinus relief.

In a room of a patient suffering from sinusitis, the rage of humidity should be about 20%. Keep windows shut during early morning as plants pollinisation occurs at 5AM. Allergy sufferers are vulnerable to sinusitis and must prevent sneezing as it sets off a cascade of allergic reactions.

The worst pains are during the night when the cills sleep and allergens can easily accumulate producing inflammation. Some pains awake the patient from his sleep.

Warm the body with a cup of hot lemon tea in the morning and avoid sneezing as you may unleash severe allergic reactions.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Can Herbs Cure Sinusitis?

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When a sinus infection attacks, it can linger for weeks and not only cause physical symptoms, but emotional distress. Faced with a flood of over the counter medications, many consumers are opting for herbal remedies to treat sinusitis.

It?s more than just a runny nose or a headache that won?t go away. When sinusitis strikes, your entire body is fatigued and it seems as if it?s a common cold that you can?t get rid of. In reality, your sinuses are in need of an herbal treatment to repair the damage being done to your body and set you on a path to wellness.

The National Center for Health Statistics says that sinusitis is the single most common disorder affecting American today. Herbal remedies treat the symptoms, including congestion, headaches, and pressure in the head.

Unlike a viral or bacterial infection, sinusitis just means that your sinuses are inflamed. Herbs can help cause the sinuses to return to normal quicker, since many sinus infections last for three months or longer.

Doctors will generally prescribe antibiotics, but they do nothing to prepare the body against a recurring attack. Plus, they tend to compromise the amount of good bacteria living in your sinuses to help ward off infection. Herbs, on the other hand, provide a natural balance to your body and enable it to get stronger and fight off infection for good.

The key to beating and keeping sinus infections at bay is to get your immune system healthy. Echinacea is one herbal immune booster that helps with inflammation and protects your mucus membranes from being pierced by infectious bacteria. A single capsule of 150-300 mg or 1 teaspoon fluid extract mixed with 1 cup of water is sufficient to treat your sinuses.

Goldenseal is another natural herbal remedy used to treat sinus infections. Its immune-enhancing properties help with the natural flow of mucus, helping your body get rid of toxins that are slowing you down. You can start treatment with a 250-500 mg capsule or 1 teaspoon of fluid extract combined with a cup of water.

Two other herbs commonly used to treat sinus infections are nettle and licorice, using the same doses as in Goldenseal treatments. Regardless of which herb you use to treat your own sinus infection, make sure you take every available precaution to fortify your immune system so that your body has it in it to fight off infection the next time it?s faced with an unfriendly bacterial infection.

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Supplements for Nasal Allergy and Sinus Infection Patients

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Nasal allergy is a quite common illness that everybody can have it. It is caused by the exposure of the individual to the various types of allergens such as pollen, fungus, mold, dust mites, certain foods, latex, animal dander, volatile chemicals and others. When allergens were inhaled into the nasal cavity, it penetrated mucosal membrane and came to contact with blood serum. Individual with Immunoglobulin-A antibody deficiency will easily let the allergens penetrate mucosal barrier because deficiency of Immunoglobulin-A antibody increases the mucosal permeability. Macrophages are the first type of cells that will come in contact with the allergen particles and after processing the allergens; it will pass information about the invasion of the allergen particles into the body to B-lymphocyte cells (one type of the white blood cell). This will stimulate B-lymphocyte cells and cause them start to multiply and transform into plasma cells. Stimulation of the B-lymphocyte is controlled by T-lymphocyte cell (the other type of white blood cell). The plasma cells that have been formed will produce IgE antibodies, which after that bind with the mast cells and basophil cells around nose and cause itching and hypersensitive. Subsequently, histamine chemical will be released from the mast cells when the mast cells started degranulating

What we know that why an individual?s nose easily becomes allergy is due to the deficiency of Immunoglobulin-A antibody, which is one of our defense components in our body. Its function is scavenging of exogenous material, which is coming in contact to the mucosal membrane. Apart from this, T-lymphocyte cells, which are developed in bone marrow, work as helper and suppressor to the secretion of immunoglobulin by the B-lymphocyte cells. Malfunction or deficiency of these cells will cause over secretion of immunoglobulin-E antibodies. This may exacerbate the nasal allergy illness. All this malfunction and deficiency may due to the genetic disorder inheriting from our parent. However, it may also cause by our irregular lifestyle, unhealthy eating habit and environmental factor such as not enough sleep, eat too much fried food, smoking, alcoholic, exposure to hazardous chemicals and so on. Infection with certain virus such as HIV or utilized certain steroid or chemotherapy medicines may also cause this problem. In other words, deterioration of the body immune system will make nasal allergy illness become more critical. Due to this, in order that one can relieve from the nasal allergy torturing, he or she must have a strong immune system to defend the foreign substances that will enter into their body.

Deterioration of immune system mostly due to the attack by the free radicals that have formed in our body. Free radical is a very reactive molecule and has a strong tendency to oxidize lipid, protein and DNA in our body. Everyday, a lot of free radicals are produced in our body. Although our body itself can generate antioxidant to protect ourselves, it is still not enough. That's why, we are all aging. Free radicals that have been generated in our body can weaken our body immune system by attacking to the white blood cells. Changing the DNA in a white blood cell is the most crucial point because it causes irreversible mutation of the cell. Due to this, white blood cells can not function properly and become malfunctioned. When this happening, nasal allergy illness will emerge in our body. To protect our body from radical and maintain our body immune system, we need to take enough antioxidant supplements to neutralize the excessive free radicals that have been produced in our body everyday.

Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant that can relief nasal allergy symptom. But the doses that we need to take to stop the nasal allergy are around five to eight gram. This is quite a large amount and it may cause stomach and intestinal upset. To prevent this, we should use ascorbate form of vitamin C. Until now, there is no solid evidence to show how vitamin C can stop the nasal allergy reaction. But scientists figured out that it may due to its antioxidant capabilities, which prevent cell damage. Research had been carried out in the department of obsterics at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn to study vitamin C and histamine levels in the blood of 400 people. They found out that, people with high levels of vitamin C in their blood have lower histamine levels. When 1000mg vitamin C supplement was given daily to those with low levels of vitamin C and high levels of histamine, their hay fever improved remarkably within three days. [Journal Nutrition, April, 1980]. When large amount of vitamin C is taken, just make sure you take calcium supplement. This is because; vitamin C in the blood will bind with the calcium in the bone and attract them out into the blood. This calcium will be discarded from the body through urination. This is because vitamin C is an organic acid that can dissolve mineral in bone. To avoid this, we should take calcium ascorbate, which is a mineral form of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very soluble in water. Therefore, high levels of vitamin C in the blood may not be easily achieved. This is because vitamin C easily excretes from the body through urination. More frequent you urinating; less vitamin C can be retained in your body. Therefore, although we take a lot of vitamin C, the actual amount retaining in the body in very little. You may relief the nasal allergy for a while and if you want to continually remain relief from nasal allergy, you may need to continually take vitamin C. This situation can be seen after we have taken the vitamin C. The urine that we excrete after one hour taking the vitamin C is yellowish color. The color is due to the presence of the vitamin C in the urine. The following urine may still yellowish. After the urine no longer shows any yellowish color; that means the vitamin C levels in the blood has gone down already. Due to this, a lot of vitamin C has been wasted. To save cost, we need to take citrus bioflavonoids and pantothenic acid. Both of them are vitamin B complex substances. Citrus bioflavonoids alter the body?s metabolism of vitamin C and raising the concentration of vitamin C in certain tissue [American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August, 1979]. Whereas, pantothenic acid can help our body absorbs vitamin C more easily.

Apart from vitamin C and B, the second supplement that can boost our immune system is zinc. Zinc is a transitional metal that is indispensable in our body. Biochemical functions in our body that involves zinc are protein synthesis, spermatogenesis, platelet reactivity and the main one is maintaining cellular immunity. Apart from these, zinc also can prevent certain type of cancer. Zinc deficiency mostly due to malnutrition, alcoholism, malabsorption, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal disease, extensive burns, use of chelating agents and genetic disorders. Our meats that contains high amount of zinc are chicken and beef. People who try to avoid red meat due to its high cholesterol have the higher possibility not enough zinc in their body. Zinc deficiency can cause growth retardation, male testerone deficiency, delayed wound healing, bullous dermatitis, diarrhea and intercurrent infection. Zinc can inhibit replication of several viruses such as herpes simplex virus, foot and mouth disease virus, poliovirus and rhinovirus. Zinc is very effective to treat common cold because it prevents rhinovirus (cold virus) from binding to the tissue surface and stabilizes the cell membranes. Subsequently, it is also inhibiting prostaglandin metabolism and inducing production of interferon gamma, which is a natural chemical that help body to fight infections. Study that had been published in the Annals Internal Medicine in 1996 showed that if an individual starts taking zinc gluconate glycine within 24 hours onset of the common cold symptoms, it can significantly reduced the illness duration.

The third supplement that has antioxidant function is virgin coconut oil. The difference between ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is that the later is extracted by wet process directly from the coconut milk or meat under a control temperature usually is 50 oC, whereas; coconut oil is obtained from the copra by dry process, which involves high temperature or sunlight exposure for several days. Due to the exposure to sunlight and application of high temperature, most of the minor components such as tocopherols, tocotrienols and polyphenols will be destroyed. This is because all these components are unstable in high temperature. Sunlight can destroy there components because sunlight contains a few percent of UV light, which is a high energy wave that can break the chemical bonding in an organic substance. Recently, study had been carried out in University Kerala in India to determine the effectiveness of the virgin coconut oil as antioxidant enzymes in male rat [Food Chemistry, 2006]. They found out that virgin coconut oil has more effect as an antioxidant and prevents peroxidation of lipids compared to the groundnut oil and copra oil. Study also had been carried in the same University to determine the beneficial effect of the virgin coconut oil to lipid components in male rat [Clinical Biochemistry, 37, 2004]. The finding that they got is that virgin coconut oil can reduce the levels of lipid in serum and tissues. Besides, it also can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increased high-density lipoprotein in the blood. This effect may due to its high polyphenol content.

Finally, what we know immunoglobulin-A (IgA) antibodies are the main antibodies that can prevent allergens from entering our body through nasal mucosal membrane. Therefore, nasal allergy and sinus infection can be prevented by increasing this antibody level in our body. Nutrients that can boost this antibody level in our body are monounsaturated oleic acids and vitamin A. Monounsaturated oleic acids can be found in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, hazelnut or filbert oil (or the whole nuts), green and ripe olives, and almonds. Whereas, vitamin A can be found in cod liver oil, pumpkin, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes/yams, squash and other yellow or orange vegetable

By Alexander Chong Author of "How to cure your incurable nasal allergy without using any synthetic drugs, herbs and expensive devices".

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How to Avoid Sinusitis

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Millions of Americans are affected by sinusitis every year, much more than in the years before discovering antibiotics. Though, ant biotherapy still remains the best method to cure SOME of the sinus infections, especially those produced by bacteria.

Oral and local corticosteroid decongestants can ease the inflammation of sinus and nasal membranes and antihistaminic medication reduce symptoms in case of allergic sinusitis. But chemical medication alone is not going to cure and prevent sinusitis from reoccurring. Home treatment and care must prevent the swelling of the membranes and assure their anatomical and functional health.

The mucus membranes of the nose passages and sinus cavities can be irritated by dry or cold air, pollution, allergies or banal colds. When this occurs membranes get swollen and the cilia meant to evacuate mucus and foreign bodies slow down. Chills are thin hairy particles localized on the terminal side of nasal linings. Mucous glands are also stimulated to kill bacteria by secreting more mucus.

Because of the inflammation, the mucus and bacteria are trapped inside the sinuses and infection occurs.

Most common sinusitis symptoms are:
1. Cold or flu signs last longer than 3 days
2. The patient feels a discomforting pressure around eyes, forehead and cheeks
3. Pain in the upper jaw
4. Weakness and tiredness
5. Small amounts of mucus slip down the posterior side of the throat

Preventing sinusitis means avoiding excessive quantities of mucus to be secreted and caring for the structure and function of cilia. This is how you can prevent and also, if occurred, treat symptoms of sinusitis:

1. Keep you body well hydrated by drinking soups, hot teas or any other hot liquids.

2. Well hydrated mucous membranes help the movements of the cilia and make the elimination of mucus easier. Hot coffee is not such a good medication as is contains caffeine.

3. Always carry tea or apply for hot water while traveling by plane, as dry air damages the sinus membranes; these must be kept humidified all the time.

4. Apply warm towels on your face for about 5 minutes three times a day. Warm water and steam will ease your circulation and cilia moves.

5. Periodically irrigate sinuses through an in-and-out circuit of salty water on low pressure. Pharmacies offer you Sinus irrigators and Hydro Nasal Pulse to help you irrigate your sinuses correct and painless. These devices are easy to use and the pulse of water is gentle with your sinuses.

So, if you want to find out more about antibiotics for sinus infections or aven about sinus infection symptoms you should visit this link

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Avoiding Sinus Surgery with Alternative Treatments

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We often dismiss sinus congestions and discomforts as nothing and leave the problem untreated, thinking that they would go away on their own. Unfortunately, this is what causes the issue to aggravate. Not taking care of ourselves during a sinus attack will only make the problem so much worse, which could eventually lead to a greater issue involving sinus surgery. Therefore, whenever we encounter even the slightest symptoms of sinusitis, we should seek to nip the problem at the bud.

There are several treatments and preventive measures you can do at home in order for you to avoid the bigger financial and physical pain of going into sinus surgery. We enumerate several of them here.

1. Irrigate your nasal passageways. Allergen particles, like bacteria, dust, pollen and others are washed off when a nasal rinse is done because it cleans out our mucus membranes and prevents the formation of more bacteria. The purpose of the mucus on our faces is to fight infections and, thereby, eliminate the incidence of sinusitis. Over the counter medications and nasal irrigation products are available and most have been found to be very effective. To know if a particular nasal irrigation product is fit for you, consult an ear, nose and throat doctor.

2. Breathe in warm, moist air. Humidified air is best to help unclog congested nasal passaeways. You may use a humidifier or a steam vaporizer to do this. If these are not available, you can still declog your nose the cheaper way by inhaling the steam from a basin of hot water, or by taking a hot shower.

3. Taking sinus medications. There are certain medications that work very effectively against nasal problems, but most of them are designed to address the aches and pains that go with it. Such drugs include naproxen, acetaminophen, mefenamic acid, aspiring, paracetamol and ibuprofen, among others. Just make sure that you're not allergic to these drugs before you take them.

4. Use hot and cold compress. Alternating hot and cold compress applied to your sinus area will help relieve sinus pains. Use the hot compress against your face for around three minutes and follow with a cold compress for about thirty seconds, alternating. Repeat as needed and do so at least six times day, depending on your sinus complaints.

5. Try other alternatives. More and more people are turning to alternative medicine, instead of the usual over the counter drugs. In China, for instance, the Magnolia Flower, is being used a cure for nasal congestion and clogging. Chrysanthemum, Angelica and Mint have also been found to be effective against upper respiratory tract problems and pains. These alternatives have no scientific backing, however, but those who have turned to them have already sworn to their effectiveness.

As said earlier, not all the above methods are surefire ways to treat sinus congestions and its permutations, especially if you have left the problem untreated and unattended for a very long time. If this happens and none of the recommendations prove useful, you should then head to your ear, nose and throat specialist to determine the best options.

For grave cases, sinus surgery is often required. Your sinuses will be subjected to a CT scan so the doctors will be able to find out how serious the blockage has escalated into. If no chronic issues were found, then you will be told to proceed to allergy testing and other medication programs.

However, if the sinusitis has bloated to uncontrollable levels, you will be subjected to sinus surgery. This procedure is not exactly painful and may only take a while, but it can take quite a toll on your pocket, especially given the fact the sinusitis often starts at a very minor and curable point.

Discover how you can naturally and safely free yourself with a sinus infection treatment. Sign-up to get this FREE natural allergy remedy info-kit today.

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Sinus Congestion - Try the Ancient Neti

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Lack of oxygen is not conducive to life so of course those who suffer from sinus congestion are desperate for a permanent solution. The most common course of action is to try over-the-counter medications. If those medications are not effective, the next step is usually to see a doctor for a prescription for more powerful drugs. While medications will clear the sinuses, the side effects are sometimes more than the sufferer is willing to endure. Often the side effects include brain fog, sleepiness, and a very dry throat and sinuses. Of course things could get even worse and morph into a sinus infection. If that happens, an even stronger class of drugs and their side effects come into play.

Before the problem gets to that stage, there's an alternative that's very effective and doesn't involve drugs or their side effects--the neti pot. The neti pot has literally been around for ages. The term comes from an ancient Indian yoga technique, meaning literally "water cleansing", where the practitioner rinses out the nasal cavity with water using a neti pot.

You can make your own saline solution for nasal irrigation by mixing 1/4-teaspoon salt in an 8-ounce glass of warm water and add a pinch (1/4-tsp.) of baking soda. If you don't want to make your own, you can purchase a pre-made solution to put into the neti pot.

Once you have the solution in the neti pot:

  • Lower your head over a sink.
  • Turn your head to the side.
  • Keep your nose slightly higher than your mouth.
  • Pour solution from the container into your nostril.
  • Water will drain from your other nostril into the sink.
  • Gently blow your nose.
  • Repeat the same process for other nostril.
  • Remember to breath through your mouth during the process.
Nasal irrigation is safe, but remember overuse can interefere with the ability of the sinuses to fight bacteria. Visit Mind Mart to find out about nasal irrigation at

? 2006, Clara Myers. Mind Mart offers holistic and alternative techniques for mind-body health. Check out Mind Mart's Santosha page at

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